Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Film Reviews - Conception

Conception. The title says it all - this film is all about conception. I had never seen this before, despite it being a 2011 release, but decided to give it a go.

It begins with a hilarious bit at the start with the kids at school asking their teacher where babies come from. Said teacher being David Arquette who plays the awkward 'no idea how to answer the question' teacher brilliantly.

The film then switches to the main stories. Nine different couples, all going through different routes in their lives, all leading to conception.

Couple 1 - The first love teenagers. She promises him sex in return for becoming vegetarian.

Couple 2 - The new parents. 6 weeks after the birth, they try to rekindle their love life, but she struggles to cope with the changes to her body post baby.

Couple 3 - The married couple who have lost their spark. They exchange witty banter, covering up their lack of intimacy.

Couple 4 - The lesbian couple who have been together a long long time going through the artificial insemination process to bring a baby into their lives.

Couple 5 - The couple at the point of break-up (almost). Cue smashing the TV and make up love making and refused proposal.

Couple 6 - A divorcee and her toy boy lover. Their relationship is mainly physical.

Couple 7 - The husband and wife who are trying for baby. They are undergoing fertility treatment and their love life revolves around her ovulation, obsessively.

Couple 8 - The blind date couple. After a successful first date night, they go back to his place for 'coffee'.

Couple 9 - The couple who have to argue. They love each other, but have to argue a little, including about showering - more banter than serious arguing.

The film doesn't have big names, other than Arquette, being more of a low-budget indie release. However it immediately hooks you in and keeps it light and entertaining. It hits many a poignant note, but because it flits between the nine couples, it doesn't have time to get maudlin.

It's an intriguing and clever film, well played and well scripted. I really enjoyed this film. Regardless where you are in your own life, you will relate to at least one of the characters.

All nine couples conceive that night. It makes you think, but it doesn't over do the consequences, as it leaves it at that point for each, leaving you to only imagine what might happen to them and their relationships.

I give this a clear 8 out of 10. Its funny, its entertaining, its sentimental, its thought provoking, something that many a high budget number might do well to remember. Its a genuine film, not trying to hard to please. Strongly recommend this one.

Let me know if you have seen it, or if you go watch it as I would love to know what you think.

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