Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Single of the Week - Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame

My single of the week this week is by Calvin Harris with John Newman and their song 'Blame'.

The first thing I want to say about this song is wow. Calvin Harris is a truly great artist, but this track, coupled with the great John Newman is beyond great.

This was released early September 2014, and on checking its chart position, its riding high at number one already. Deservedly so.

John Newman's vocals are full of soul and emotion, as always. It sounds quite slow to start with, but when the beat kicks in, this is a stomper, nothing short.

Its catchy, its kind of beautiful - the twining of these two in collaboration has produced something pretty damn special. Harris always does great stuff, but somehow this track is more fulfilling. Summer was an epic track, but for me, this is better. Longer lasting, more thoughtful.

The video to this one is also mesmerising. Lots of scantily clad ladies, but tastefully done. As a female I found myself wondering where they bought such beautiful lingerie as opposed to be offended by it. Its not gratuitous, they are just strutting and dancing. Then they all dive in to whatever water presents itself - a puddle, a bath - and they reappear in a lake.

Here's a bit of trivia for you - this is Harris' seventh number 1 hit. This is Newman's third. That's success.

So, here's what to do. Go take a listen, and drop me a lovely comment to tell me what you think.

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(video published on youtube by CalvinHarrisVEVO)

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