Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Single of the Week - Taylor Swift - Shake it off

My single of the week this week is by Taylor Swift with Shake it Off.

Now, I'm going to be honest and say that whilst I appreciate she is talented, I've not previously loved her songs. That is until this poptastic number!!

Shake it Off is full on energy, feel good, pop perfection. Taylor looks great in this video, and is clearly having some fun herself. She's dressed in various costumes throughout, including a ballerina, cheerleader, gym kit, street wear and just casual black legging and T combo. In each guise, bopping about like a happy little thing singing her heart out.

Its very bright and very all american, especially the Blondie-esque rap bit in the middle, but its a great song. Her voice sounds brilliant. As you might imagine from this review, its not exactly a deep and meaningful, its more a put it on turn it up and dance arond type.

This single was released in August 2014, and as I write this is sitting in the UK chart at number 6. Its take from her upcoming fifth studio album, not bad for a woman aged just 24. Impressive stuff.

This track is not the usual Taylor output - its not even reference to her country roots its pure pop, and all the more brilliant for it. Clearly, she's experimenting with a different sound, maybe just on this track, but maybe the album will be so fresh. Have to wait and see. For now, lets just enjoy this fun single.

Let me know if you love it and if it made you dance around. I defy you not to!!

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(video published on youtube by TaylorSwiftVEVO)

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