Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Week with The Arctic Monkeys Day Three - Fluorescent Adolescent

It is day three of My Week with the Arctic Monkeys, and today its Fluorescent Adolescent.

This was the second single from their album Favourite Worst Nightmare. The album and the single were both released in 2007.

Lets cut to the chase - this is really not a happy number. Its about growing old, and being past it if you listen. It starts as it means to go on, with Alex snarling "you used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your nightdress". Charming. Quite common though!

This is a mid paced track, with great guitar and drums and as ever, Alex with his indie style snarly sort of vocals. Great voice, very distinctive and unique.

I had never watched the video before. It is quite possibly one of the best I have ever seen, if only for the shock of it. Picture it - a gang of clowns and a gang of non-clowns. Fighting one another in some sort of abandoned warehouse. The leader of each, one clown, one not, flashback to their childhood and when they were friends, but not anymore. They try to kill one another, finally clown being the one to finish the job. Shocking, pretty graphic - utterly absorbing and clever.

Fluorescent Adolescent peaked at number 5 in the UK chart. A big hit, but I am surprised that this one didn't hit the top spot, as its one of their best releases to date.

Fantastic track, but just a tip to be aware of - don't listen to this one if you are feeling a bit old and past it - it will not perk you up!! Go take a listen, and let me know what you think.

For Day One and Two, or more music stuff, check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

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