Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Week with Madonna Day Two - Into the Groove

Day two of my week with Madonna and today it is 'Into the Groove'.

Into the Groove is one of Madonna's older tracks, and it is a classic, just as much as yesterday's choice, Vogue.

This track was released as a single in 1985, and was taken from her album 'Like a Virgin' which was also released in '85. The song also featured in the soundtrack to Madonna's film Desperately Seeking Susan.

Madonna wrote the song about dancing, and that's clear enough from the lyrics. I won't go into the lyrics - they are pretty clear to be honest and feature the title throughout. Her earlier stuff was a little lean on deeper meaning, lets face it. It does however, lean towards the risque - which in retrospect is not shocking given what followed, but at the time was pretty full on.

Her vocals seem much higher on this track than on her later stuff - a bit squeaky in places. However, what she lacked early on in vocal ability, she more than made up for with her edgy attitude and sassy image.

This single gave Madge her first UK number one. It's very catchy, and dance floor circa 1980's style. Girls at the time started to dress to imitate her, such was her status even this early in her career.

The accompanying video features clips of the film, with Madonna donned in lots of lace and lingerie, leather jackets and 'scruffy' hair. Lots of pouty red lipstick as she flaunts herself and struts her stuff. Even though the look is dated now, given that its pushing 30 years ago almost, its not that dated. Some aspects of her look linger on - namely big hair and red lips, and even lace and leather has been revived since. Talk about lasting influence.

All in all, I think I can summarise this one as a dance anthem of the 80's. Its one that is remembered, even if its not her best. That of course, is a matter of personal opinion.

I recommend you go stick this one on, and relive your youth - if you are aged 35 or older, you should remember it well. If you are younger, go take a listen and see what it was like for us that are 35+. Madge in her youth, still an icon.

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