Friday, 10 October 2014

My single of the week - The Magician - Sunlight

My single of the week this week is The Magician - Sunlight feat. Years and Years.

First up, let me start by saying this is a song that should have been a massive summer anthem. Odd then, you may think, that this is the track I have chosen in October. All I can say is I can't choose when they are released, and its kind of nice to listen to a sunshine track when its cold and rainy.

So I've set the scene - think house / dance, upbeat and positively brimming with summer. I personally have never heard of the Magician, but have discovered he's been around a while. He's big on the dance scene, usually for remixes, and has released a couple of EP's. He's had one debut single prior to this one, called 'When the Night is Over'.

This track though, is set to make him much better known to the masses, and by that I mean us. His name is Stephen Fasano and he come from Belgium. He used to be a due named Aeroplane, but went solo a few years back.

Sunlight is a song that makes you feel like dancing, and is full of energy and fizz. Its an absolute quality piece, well mixed and the vocals are enticing. Speaking of, this track features Years and Years. Fronted by Olly Alexander, who lends his bluesy soulful vocals to this dance track raising its status from meh to wow. He has such an unusual voice, and its very soothing.

The combination of these artists has resulted in a pure dance track that makes you feel good, but rather than make you want to jump around like something crazy, it makes you want to sip something lovely in the sun whilst you move sway to the rhythm. Failing that, it makes you want to sway in the house with the heating on whilst you sip a hot chocolate!! Its a great track!

The video that has been released to accompany it is hilarious. Remember the tubby fella off the Southern Comfort add sauntering down the beach? Its a lot like that. Tubby fella, sashaying along the beach whilst the beautiful people dance and play around him. He doesn't care - he's just enjoying the music. Funny and just as summery as the song, but not bubblegum - its more edgy than that.

I strongly recommend a listen of this one, its absolutely brilliant. Nothing bad at all to say, other than the month of its release - summer song, in October? Go take a listen, let me know what you think by dropping me a comment if you will. I love comments.

You can check out more of my singles and music at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening. :)

(the video was published on youtube by The Magician)

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