Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Week with Calvin Harris

First up, his name is not Calvin Harris - who knew?? His name is Adam Richard Wiles. Blimey!

He is 30 - born in 1984 - a full 8 years younger than yours truly, but actually older than I thought he was!!

What else do we want to know? He is Scottish. He is hugely successful. His first album, 'I created Disco' was released in 2007. Despite being his debut album, it went on to be gold, and spawned 3 singles.

His second album was 'Ready for the Weekend' released in 2009. This was another success, reaching the number one spot in the UK album chart. This album spawned 4 single releases.

In 2012 Calvin released his third album, '18 months'. This was the biggy - 8 singles just from this one album, giving him a new record. Impressive much.

His next album 'Motion' is out next month and will be his fourth studio album. Its exciting what he might do next.

Calvin is a DJ, an artist in his own right, and also has a load of collaborations to add to his success.

To sum up - he is influential, talented and truly great. First single choice will feature tomorrow.

If you simply cannot wait, then check out My Music page by clicking here. happy listening :)

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