Monday, 20 October 2014

My Week with Calvin Harris Day One - Feel So Close

Its Day One of My Week with Calvin Harris and my first pick is 'Feel So Close'.

Feel So Close was released as a single in 2012 and it was a massive hit. It was actually the second single from his album '18 months' also released in 2012.

This single reached number 2 in the UK singles chart - another huge dance stomper. Its dance, and bass, but is quite mid tempo and has a laid back feel to it. Unlike many of his tracks, this one also features Calvin himself on vocals, the result being absolutely spot on.

The video features Calvin again, talking to a lady friend, lots of folks dancing, and a cowboy on a horse. It shouldn't work, but somehow it does. Its got that same laid back, late summer casualness and effortlessness of CH himself. No stress, no angst, just the music and the buzz.

This track is really catchy - lyrics like "feel so close to you right now, its a forcefield". The electronic sounds throughout also get stuck in your head. Listening back to this again I realise how brilliant it is. Its a couple of years old now, but sounds as fresh and distinctive as it did then - noone else does music like CH.

Go take a listen, and let me know what you think. Drop me a comment, I love comments.

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