Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Seven - Drinking from the bottle

Day Seven of My Week with Calvin Harris and my final choice is 'Drinking from the Bottle'.

Drinking from the Bottle was released in 2013. It was another single from his album 18 months. This track features Tinie Tempah as well as Calvin himself, and was the sixth single from this album.

This single reached number 5 in the UK charts, although it is a great dance track. Like some of the others,  its probably because by this point, CH fans would have already purchased the album.

This one is very dark and features references to drinking - obvious from the track title really, and also references to clubbing and hints of drugs and over-indulgence, plus its quite sexual.

The video is for adults only so I haven't included a link for this one! Its all barely clothed ladies shaking their butts, drinking, and yes, the devil!! Very clearly not about clean living, but suits the track well.

Its catchy, and Tinie's rapping adds some kudos making this a killer track. The booming bass and dance pulse make for an energetic dance track, another good output from Calvin. That said, by track seven this week, I'm beginning to think they are all blending into one, as there is a similar sound and vibe on his stuff, new and old.

Good to listen to and would be a good song for the gym. Let me know what you think and drop me a comment. You can find days 1-6 over at My Music page, plus loads more, by clicking here. Happy listening. :)

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