Friday, 31 October 2014

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day Five - Rock Your Body

Day Five of My Week with Justin Timberlake and today its 'Rock Your Body'.

Rock Your Body was released in 2003. It was taken from his debut album Justified which was out the previous year 2002. Claim to fame here, not only was Timbaland involved again, but also Pharrell (Happy) Williams. Not bad for a debut album output!

I've already chosen Cry Me A River from this album, but this one couldn't sound any different! Its much more pop - dance, than the slower, more edgy Cry Me a River. That's a good thing though, as he doesn't just release the same song with different words unlike others I could mention!

The video features lots of dancing - very much boy band moves in this one, he clearly is still NSYNC at this point in his style and moves. Do not like what he is wearing at all. Its like JT before the stylist. He looks much better suave and sophisticated, but there is an unknown appeal to JT even here, albeit a bit try hard to be cool at this stage.

JT is quite high pitched in his vocals in this track - think Michael Jackson vocals. Ironic that JT has a collaboration with MJ post his passing, as he was clearly influenced by the late great Michael even back then.

This is a catchy little number, and it does make you want to dance. It hit the number 2 spot in the UK singles chart, so it was another big hit for him, although it just missed the top spot.

Cheeky little lyrics to this one "better have you naked by the end of this song" for one!! Little scamp!! Rather than being offensive though, JT has an appeal that allows him to include such lines without being A-cheesy, or B-rude. He is just cheeky. I like that.

All in all, this is a great track. It still sounds good, and I excuse his naf dancing as he was only young and it was his first solo album, and he is much better at it now!!

Just two more songs to go in My Week with Justin Timberlake - come back tomorrow for Day 6. If you can't wait, check out My Music page by clicking here for loads more music stuff. Happy listening : )

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