Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Week with Madonna Day Five - Like a Prayer

Day five of my week with Madonna and today its 'Like a Prayer'.

Like a Prayer was released in 1989. It was the lead single from her album, also called Like A Prayer. This is a very different style to her other music, in that it has a real gospel feel to it, despite being a pop number.

I particularly like how this starts. It sounds like a big rock anthem when it kicks in, but then it stops and a gospel choir kicks in, before Madonna begins her vocals. I have to say that despite the fact she hasn't got a diva vocal range, her unique sound really lends itself to this track.

She sounds soulful, and its beautiful. She also looks absolutely beautiful in this video. It was a very controversial video at the time - it was even condemned by the Vatican!! And Madge a catholic girl. tut tut.

She's dressed in a fitted black corset dress with uncharacteristic demureness and sporting brunette locks. It suits her, she looks pure. However, what is not pure, is her behaviour - stigmata, KKK and trying to seduce the religious statue that comes to life. Hmm. Well, it is Madonna - her trademark is to shock!

Like a Prayer was a massive hit, and gave her yet another number one here in the UK singles chart. This is a brilliant song, and even listening to it again now, some 25 year's later, it sounds original.

Go take a listen, and remind yourself how brilliant this song is. You can check out Days 1-4 of My Week with Madonna and more music at My music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

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