Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My Week with Madonna Day Three - Frozen

Without further delay, it is Day Three of My Week with Madonna and the fabulous single 'Frozen'.

This single was the first from her album Ray of Light, both released in 1998. It reached number one here in the UK.

Frozen is a very different sounding track to all that came before it, and was beautifully orchestrated, with lots of strings, gothic cinematic style and a cool unemotional feel.

Its a very surreal ethereal sounding track, and her vocals suit it perfectly. She sounds much more soulful yet emotionless in this than her squeakier more poptastic numbers prior. Its the first sign of her new found beliefs and involvement with kaballah.

In the video she looks like beautiful gothic princess, or wicked witch. All decked out in billowing black swathes of dress, she looks like a crow. At one point, she appears to turn into crows and then a big black dog, which is a little strange. Her face looks beautiful, but she looks gaunt as she had become very thin at this stage in her career.

She moves sensually and slowly as she sings, in her black robes, standing in the desert alone. The video suits the song in that she looks frozen. Also mysterious, and the henna on her hands makes it a little spiritual.

Frozen is a sombre number for sure. All about an unloving, cold aka 'frozen' person, and heartbreak. Its a move away from her usual style, and it works. This marked the point where she became more than just the queen of pop, and really established her longevity and chameleon ever adapting nature.

This is a stand out track on the album, but more than that, its one of her best, if not the best, singles she has released. Its haunting, but still dance oriented and deeply anchored in pop royalty.

Go take a listen and drop me a comment. You can see more of Madonna and others, by checking out My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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