Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Week with the Foo Fighters

My Week with the Foo Fighters begins today, but before we commence lets have a closer look at these guys and find out a bit more about them.

The Foo's are an American band. Formed in 1994 in the aftermath of Nirvana, by original drummer Dave Grohl. Who knew the vocal talent this long haired drummer possessed and how different things might have been.

Since their early days, there have been some line up changes, with only Grohl being consistent. In 2014, the year of studio album number 8, the line-up is Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins and Chris Shifflet along with Dave Grohl.

Eight studio albums - their 8th 'Sonic Highways' released November 2014, very current as I write this. Going backwards album 7 was released in 2011 - 'Wasting Light'.

Album number 6 'Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace' was released in 2007. Album 5 'In Your Honour' was released in 2005. Album number 4 'One by One' was released in 2002.

'There is Nothing Left to Lose' was their 3rd album and was released in 1999. Album 2 'The Colour and the Shape' was released in 1997. The Foo Fighters released their debut album 'Foo Fighters' in 1995.

Almost 20 years of the Foo Fighters, and until writing this I had never heard of a Foo Fighter. Bit of trivia - apparently they are UFO's. Who knew?

So 8 albums under their belt, which is pretty impressive. Dave Grohl is kind of a god-like figure, having started the Foo Fighters with the incredible success of the band Nirvana to his credit. He had written a lot of material in his Nirvana days, and after Kurt Cobain's death saw the band dissolve, Grohl headed back to the studio and hence was born the Foo Fighters.

From what I have read and heard, Grohl never intended to launch a new band for longevity. I think he was just a talented artist who needed to work. Work he did - wow, what a success as a lead! From drummer to one of the biggest rock stars - epic doesn't quite cover it somehow.

That's not to say things have gone smoothly. It must have been horrendous when Kurt died. It seems things have been pretty turbulent between the various Foo line-ups too judging by the line-up changes. What is clear here though, is the underlying talent of Grohl.

Dave Grohl was born in Ohio, but has travelled around the states as his bands evolved. He has also had massive success as an individual outside these two mega-watt bands, both as a vocalist and as a drummer. This man has no end of talent. He is also funny, and lets be honest, very attractive - those leather trousers.....

Back to the band. (breathe). The Foo Fighters are a rock band. They aren't just noisy and in your face rock though. They can do slow numbers, they do quiet intro's building into big choruses, they do quiet verses and big powerful choruses - they vary it is what I'm trying to say. Their songs sound different to one another. They are also brilliant live.

The Foo's have won their fare share of awards too - Grammy's and MTV awards to name but a few. They have released 8 studio albums, 32 singles, and various EPs and video albums. They have stretched over almost 20 years, and are still going strong.

I'm looking forward to my week with this huge rock band. The difficult part being how to decide which 7 singles to choose!!

Day One beckons - decisions decisions. Excited much.

Check back for the first of the seven, but if you really can't wait, you can whet your appetite over at My Music page. Just click here. :)

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