Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Week with Justin Timberlake is over

Its been a longer week with Justin Timberlake than planned as I got delayed due to moving house and my laptop konking out on me, but finally, the week is over. 7 days, 7 songs, and now to decide which of my 7 is in the top spot.

Here we go then:

In at number 1 it is : Sexy Back
Number 2: Take Back the Night
Number 3: Cry Me a River
Number 4: 4 minutes
Number 5: Mirrors
Number 6: Holy Grail
Number 7: Rock Your Body

My top choice is of course the fabulous Sexy Back. You can see the reviews by clicking on the links for each  one. It was hard to choose, as I actually do think JT is fab, and I love all 7 tracks this week.

But now its all over. The big question now is - who is next? Check back to find out, but in the meantime, you can find all my previous choices over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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