Thursday, 20 November 2014

What I'm Watching this Week

There is some great TV on at the moment, plus boxsets - just how do you find the time to go out when there are so many reasons to stay in?

This week I am watching:

  • The Leftovers. I am behind on my Leftovers, and am just now on Episode 6. Its as intriguing and strange as ever. This episode has begun with an investigator paying to be shot in the chest. Still not so much about those that disappeared as those left behind. Justin Theroux is as brooding and dark as ever, and the cult 'The Guilty Remnant' become ever more bizarre. I am yet to work out just exactly what is going on, but its really captivating in its weirdness. Few more episodes to catch up on with this one. 
  • The Missing. Episode 4 of 8. James Nesbitt is so excellent in this dark story of a missing child. As the father of the missing boy, he is beginning to be revealed as not so whiter than white. The plot flits back to the time of the incident, and back to now as he struggles to find fresh leads. However, a significant development is playing out, as footage from a neighbour filming a football event has shown his son at the window of the house opposite before a male is seen pulling him away. Now a white van has been caught on camera at the house too, leading to further lines of enquiry for the politically manoeuvred low key investigation. Various characters seem shady and its anyone's guess who done it. 
  • Coronation Street. Watching Steve McDonald going through some mental health issues - aka midlife crisis in the form of a totally impractical car, making cocktails instead of working his shift and generally behaving oddly is compelling viewing. Not so much Gail and her who could care less storyline which is a tad cloying. However the departure of Peter, Gary's shenanigans and Tracy post Rob, are more than enough to make up for it. 
  • Lost. Now well into Series 3. We have the others, secret hatches, and nearly all the characters having some link to one another. Such a complicated plot line, but am hanging in there. Sawyer and Kate's relationship is developing into something real, but as Kate tries to convince him to help her find Jack, the strain is palpable. Very sinister, but really enjoying it. Especially the camper van driving through the rain forest courtesy of Hurley. 
  • I'm a Celeb. Goodness me. 4 days in and 2 celebs gone already. Gemma Collins is just utterly talentless. Who goes into the jungle and thinks they are going to get a ham sandwich? I mean did she not watch the programme before agreeing to go on it? Then the sad news about Craig Charles departure. That is really sad - Gemma should hang her head in shame for being such a diva. The best part, as always, is Ant and Dec. 
I'm also beyond excited to keep seeing the trailer for Broadchurch which returns in the New Year. Can't wait for that one. 

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