Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day Six of My Week with the Foo Fighters - Everlong

Day Six of My Week with the Foo Fighters and today it is the awesome 'Everlong'.

This song kicks in straight away with a really urgent electric guitar intro. This is a fast paced, heavy guitar tune. What I like is that this one isn't snarly. This is Grohl singing and its pretty fantastic.

The video is brilliant. Another one of their earlier videos packed full of humour and the band dressing up. This one features Grohl and another band member - Hawkins - as teenagers. Grohl spots her being picked on and gets angry. He gets a big hand and slaps them off her, then they escape together. The baddies are the other 2 band members, and they dont give up. They come back after her - a bit like a fairy tale - hansel and gretel type house in the woods. Grohl and Hawkins are flitting between being awake and dreaming. Grohl wakes up, realises the phone is ringing and because he senses she is in danger, he makes himself go back to sleep. He gets a big hand again, and rescues her again. Its surreal to say the least, but brilliant.

Everlong reached number 18 in the UK single chart. It was released in 1997, from their second album The Colour and the Shape. The album was a massive success, reaching number 3 in the UK album chart.

This second album, and in particular this single, really set the scene for the Foo Fighters as an established act. It secured them a place in rock history, and they became a force to be reckoned with, following on from their debut.

This is a stand out track. It really is a truly great rock song. Go take a listen, and let me know what you think.

You can check out my previous days, and loads more, over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening. :)

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