Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 1 of My Week with Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

My week with Kate Bush begins and for Day 1 I have chosen 'Running Up That Hill'.

'Running Up That Hill' was released as a single in 1985. It was taken from her album Hounds of Love also released in 1985.

This single reached number 3 in the UK singles chart. It was actually the lead single from the album, but apparently there was a bit of a tussle with her management company who wanted to release a different song first. As with all things Bush, she got her way!! Powerful lady this one.

For me, the power of this song is her voice and the lyrics of course, but what hooks you in is the music. It has that "de de dum, de de dum" like a heartbeat running through it. It is just so atmospheric, so enticing, so utterly beautiful.

The video is equally beautiful. Such a simple concept - Kate and a male dancer in grey leotards, just being gymnastic with one another. They dance, they sway, they lift, they caress. It is just sensual. It also made me realise that the video to Pink's song Try has quite clearly been influenced - the similarity is striking.

Kate looks almost impossibly pretty and ethereal. Her long brunette hair loose as she moves so elegantly, so effortlessly. As more dancers pass her as she moves alone in the opposite direction, I can also see the influence behind Rae Morris's video to 'Under the Shadows'.

I think its fair to say that there is only one Kate Bush, No other artist even comes close, She has the most haunting and sensual voice I have ever heard. Beautiful, mesmerising, and her range is breathtaking, especially in her early days.

On this track, she sounds powerful as she sings "if i only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to swap our places". The song seemingly about how men and women don't know what its like to be in each other's place.

This is such a wonderful song and such an emotional one. I think its also worth mentioning that its been covered by several artists, not least remixed by Kate herself. My favourite cover is the one by Placebo which was used in the O.C. and I think they did it justice by retaining its original emotions.

Please go take a listen and remind yourself of this amazing piece of music history.

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