Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 4 of My Week with Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Day 4 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'Hounds of Love'.

'Hounds of Love' as released as single in 1986. It was taken from her album also called Hounds of Love released the previous year in 1985. The single was the third from the album.

This is such a catchy pop song. Its also quite dark and eccentric. It starts off with "its in the trees, its coming". I wondered what was coming next when I heard this in my younger years!!

It turns out that the Hounds of Love are not scary at all. She means how it feels when you start to fall in love - like you are being chased by dogs. Not entirely sure I have ever fallen in love and compared it to being chased by dogs, but then again I am not Kate Bush.

Regardless what its actually about, this is a great song. It has that "oh-ooh, oh-ooh, oh" notes repeating throughout it, quite dramatically, and that's the bit you find you get stuck in your head.

Kate's voice in this is much lower, much more seductive than some of her previous songs. She sings 'when I was a child, running in the night, afraid of what might be' sounding scared. Then later, she becomes stronger 'It's coming for me through the trees, help me someone, help me please'.

Then she blasts with 'Take my shoes off, and throw them in the lake, and I'll be two steps in the water'. I can only assume she means her shoes will be in the water, or her feet will be without her shoes. Who really knows? Kate?

Back to the song. This is fabulous, catchy, well written and amazingly sung.  Her voice is at its best on this. It reached number 18 in the UK singles chart.

The video sees Kate looking serious in her glasses. She's then rescued by a dapper looking guy who leads her away through the woods. They enter a house and there is a party. Eventually she goes to him and they tango. She lets her hair down and lets it take hold of her as she leaves with her man.
She looks sensational - tweed jacket, red lips, long dark hair flying behind her.

If you missed days 1-3 you can find them at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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