Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 5 of My Week with Kylie - Where the Wild Roses Grow

Day 5 of my week with Kylie brings me to 'Where the Wild Roses Grow'.

This is a very gothic number, very out of character for Kylie. It was a duet between Kylie and Nick Cave.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are a rock band. Kylie is a pop princess. Not an obvious duet, but it works. It was the lead single on Nick Cave's album, aptly named Murder Ballads.

The single was released in 1995, so its now 20 years old. It doesn't sound it as its a very quirky indie song, very dark, and doesn't really date.

Nick Cave wrote the song, which is all about a man who murders his lover. In the video Kylie is the murdered woman. Eliza Day. She lies in the water, having been hit by a stone. Its very sinister, but she looks beautiful.

For such an unusual song, it did well in the charts, reaching number 11 in the UK. Her voice is much deeper than her traditional range tends to be, but it suits her. The contrast of light and dark between her vocals and his is quite jarring. It sounds very smooth, very soothing, but its about a murder so it certainly isn't a love song!

I like this song. Its a break from the norm, which appeals to me. I hope you like it to, but love it or hate it, let me know what you think.

You can find days 1 -4 of my week with Kylie over at My Music page. Just click here. Happy listening :)

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