Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Week with Kylie Minogue begins

I have chosen Kylie this week to spend my week with. My first for 2015. Now before I begin choosing my seven songs, I wanted to take a look at this artist and find out more about her.

Kylie was born in 1968, in Victoria, Australia. She's a pint sized pop superstar coming in at around the 5 foot mark. I say around the mark, as doing a bit of research for my week with her, it seems there is some debate over her actual height. Lets just stick to 5 foot. Still tiny, but golly perfectly formed!!

We all know Kylie started off as an actress when she was a child. She rose to international fame when she starred in Neighbours as Charlene. The wedding to Scott, and her in dungarees as a mechanic are my memories of her as Charlene. She left the show in 1988 to pursue her singing career.

She released her first single, The Loco-motion, whilst still in Neighbours, in 1987. She followed it with I Should be So Lucky in 1988 as her second single, written by Stock, Aitken, Waterman. That one hit the top spot in the UK singles chart, and her first album followed the same year, 'Kylie'.

1989 saw the release of her second album, Enjoy Yourself. More number one singles came from her second outing, and she continued to act. The not very memorable film The Delinquents being her 1989 release. It did quite well actually, but from what I remember of it, it was a bit naff. Her pop tastic music however was much better. Bright, pop, cheesy, memorable, dance-able - nothing deep, but very listenable.

She also released Especially For You with her neighbours co-star, Jason Donovan - her on screen love and husband Scott. To say this was massive would put it mildly!

In 1990 her third album Rhythm of Love was released. She was changing her image by now. Becoming less cheesy, and a bit more grown up. Her fourth album, Let's Get to It followed in 1991. She was rebelling against Stock, Aitken, Waterman at this point and they parted ways.

A greatest hits album was released in 1992, including tracks from her first albums. Her fifth album, now with Deconstruction Records, was released in 1994. The album 'Kylie Minogue, was a much more sultry and mature album.

She carried on acting, and then released another duet in 1995. This time it paired her with Nick Cave, and the song Where the Wild Roses Grow. Odd song, but actually brilliant. Unexpected for Kylie - it showed a darker side to her. Not least as she was playing the murdered woman the song is about in the video, floating in the water. Dark.

Her sixth album came in 1997, Impossible Princess. This album was her least successful to date at that time. It was a different sound, but somehow it just didn't work. It did well in Australia, but not so well elsewhere. She parted ways with Deconstruction, and carried on acting.

In 1999, she signed with Parlophone, and her seventh album, Light Years, came out in 2000. The lead single put her back on top again. Spinning around hit number one, and who can forget those gold hot pants! It was also the year of her duet with Robbie Williams with 'Kids' which gave her another huge hit. She was back.

Her image was majorly overhauled. Those hot pants raised her profile more than musically. Her body became equally in the limelight. With more than a nod to old style hollywood glam and burlesque, Ms Minogue became a sex symbol again, but in a much more grown up way. No longer cute, just the ultimate sex symbol. Her proportions work in a way that a taller woman just cannot reproduce.

In 2001 she released her eighth album Fever. This was all about electro pop and disco and the lead single 'Can't Get You Out of my Head' was huge. Everywhere. All over the world. This album and this song, finally broke America for Kylie. She was also in a little film called Moulin Rouge that year!

2003 saw the released of her ninth album, Body Language. It didn't quite match Fever, but it was another success, especially the single from it 'Slow'. Kylie had become very big on the club scene by this point.

2004 gave us another greatest hits album, but with two new singles. Those being 'I Believe in You', and 'giving you up'. I Believe in You was another massive hit for her, particularly on the club scene.

In 2005, mid Showgirl tour, Kylie found out that she had breast cancer. I think the whole world was as shocked as no doubt she was. She had to cancel whilst she got the treatment she needed, but was soon back on tour in late 2006. Unstoppable, and an inspiration.

In 2007 she released her tenth album X. It was more electro pop, and included the singles 2 Hearts, and Wow. Calvin Harris and Guy Chambers collaborated on this album. She also continued to act and starred in the Christmas special of Doctor Who. I thought she was brilliant in that. The album didn't fare as well as expected, given it was a sort of comeback after her illness.

That didn't stop her though, as she was back in 2010 with her eleventh album Aphrodite. The lead single was another huge hit, All the Lovers. The other singles weren't as big in the charts, but were once again massive on the dance scene. 2010 saw her collaborate with other artists on their work, as well as releasing some Christmas covers like her version of Santa Baby, now a favourite of mine.

2012 was her 25 year anniversary in the music industry. She marked it by spending the year a new single, a greatest hits album, a singles box set, as well as touring. She also released the Abbey Road sessions - which were orchestral versions of some of her previous hits. Fabulous it was too.

In 2013 she was judge on The Voice TV program. In 2014 she released her twelfth album, Kiss Me Once. This is a return to her disco dance form. Into the Blue was the first single from this album, and it did ok, number 12. The second release didn't fare so well, only reaching number 59, despite being written by none other than Pharell Williams.

Kylie has always been a tour girl. She has toured throughout her career and is still an icon. She may not always hit the top spot and her career has had its dips, but she always comes back. She continues to act and continues to sing, and continues to be loved.

So now we know more about her, lets start my week with Kylie Minogue. My first song choice will be chosen tomorrow so check back to find out which of her many songs is first up.

If you can't wait, you can whet your appetite with my previous musical choices over at My Music page. Just click here. Happy listening :)

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