Friday, 2 January 2015

Resolution 10 - matching under garments!

Resolution 10 - matching under garments! This year I want to make more effort with the under garments. I always make an effort on holidays, but somehow every day at home, I wear the same crappy over washed pairs with whatever bra happens to look right under what I'm wearing.

Its not uncommon for me to wear mismatched colours and styles, and its not uncommon for me to wear for comfort rather than style. So, this year, I want to be as stylish underneath as I intend to be on the outside.

Part of the problem is the yo-yo dieting. Sometimes, when I've gained weight, it does tend to be more what fits me than what I want to wear. Even when I'm slimmer though, I tend to have my favourites, despite having a draw stuffed full of choices!! Not this year - I am going to make sure I match!! I am also going to bin the tatty stuff to remove temptation.

So, resolution 10 - matching under garments!

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