Thursday, 1 January 2015

Resolution 4 - Save save save

Resolution 4 is to save, save, save. This links to Resolution 2 - be debt free of course as by saving money I can pay off debts. However, this is a bigger project.

Saving to pay off a balance is one thing and very commendable. I want to build up a savings pot to pay for things in the future - holidays, jobs on the house, a new car - things like those.

Normally I save for specifics - such as saving for the deposit on this house. Now I want to get into the savings habit in a more focused way. Making sure that the money I do have works for me. Best interest rate, best current accounts - all those factors.

Any extra money I get - the odd lotto win (usually about £2 on the euro million) I shall hive away. Eventually it will build up. So this year, I am a serious saver. By next Jan 1st, my resolutions list will look very different.

So, number 4 - save save save.

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