Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 7 of My Week with Kate Bush - Babooshka

Day 7 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'Babooshka'.

'Babooshka' was released in 1980. It was taken from her album Never for Ever, also released in 1980.

This is an upbeat song. It seems to be about a woman who feels that her husband has lost interest. She refers to herself as "when she was beautiful" as if it is a thing of the past. Whereas Babooshka is a young beautiful woman, just as she once was.

She sounds pretty angry, and pretty paranoid!! The video takes this a step further. Kate is in black with a veil, dancing with a double bass as "the wife". Babooshka however is skimpily clad and sexy and beautiful.

Kate's voice sounds great on this. The lyrics make you think. All in, pretty clever and extremely catchy. I found myself walking around going "oh oh Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka aye aye" for some time after listening to this again!

As a single, it peaked at number 5 in the UK singles chart. Another hit for Kate. It all vocals, piano and strings this one.

Go take a listen, and let me know what you think. For days 1-6 of Kate, plus loads more check out My Music page here. Happy listening. :)

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