Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Week with Paloma Faith begins

My Week with Paloma Faith begins. So before we get onto the seven songs over seven days, lets take a look at this fantastic if quirky and highly original one-off artist.

First off her real name is actually Paloma Faith - specifically Paloma Faith Blomfield. She was born in 1981 and comes from Hackney.

She learned how to dance as a child, but didn't get into music until much later. Her first single was released in 2009 - that being the fabulous 'Stone Cold Sober' which I absolutely loved!

Her debut album Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? was also released in 2009. Her album, completely co-written by her, reached number 9 in the UK album chart.

She released 'New York' as her next single from the album, followed by 'Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful', 'Upside Down' and finally 'Smoke & Mirrors'.

Paloma has a sort of timeless style and sound. She herself cites the likes of Etta James and Billie Holiday as influences and she takes that into her own. You can tell a Paloma song straight away - which in her case, is a good thing.

Her next album was released in 2012 following a period where she toured and performed with other artists at awards ceremonies and for TV, adverts etc.. Fall to Grace was released in 2012 and reached number 2 in the UK album chart.

The first single was 'Picking up the Pieces' which reached number 7 in the singles chart. She followed it with '30 minute love affair' as the second single. Her songs still being so full of soul, so original, and apparently, based upon her own life!

She released a cover of INXS 'Never Tear Us Apart' for the John Lewis Christmas campaign, which became her next single release in 2012. That was followed by 'Just Be'.

Her third album came in 2014. 'A Perfect Contradiction' reached number 2 in the singles chart. She released the singles 'I Just Can't Rely on You' and 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' which were huge the same year.

She also released a single with Sigma - 'Changing' which was amazing and gave her another massive hit. Her third album was re-released to include it. She released several other singles from her third album.

Her vocals are amazing, and her style is just so eccentric but so fabulous. She collaborates with the likes of Pharrell but still sounds like her. She comes across as so down to earth, and so normal, that you wonder how she can be so talented but so composed.

What I didn't realise until now is that Paloma also acts. So she writes, she dances and she sings, but she also acts? So she is beautiful, stylish, quirky and talented. She really is the best of British and I absolutely love her. (Which is why I have tickets to see her in July!!).

Really looking forward to listening to her music and watching the accompanying videos over the next week or so. I hope you will join me for more of Paloma when I pick my first of 7 songs tomorrow.

If you want more music and can't wait, why don't you check out My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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