Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Week with Taylor Swift is over

My week with Taylor Swift is over. Its been fabulous. Its made me even more excited to go see her live in the summer, even though I am most likely outside of the age range for her usual fan group. It is for the benefit of my 9 year old step daughter though, so I have an excuse!!

All that remains to do now is to decide which of my 7 song choices is my top choice. So without further ado:

In at number 1: Blank Space
Number 2: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Number 3: Shake it Off
Number 4: Everything Has Changed
Number 5: I Knew you were trouble
Number 6: 22
Number 7: Love Story

So Blank Space is my top Taylor song to date. That's it then. All done. Taylor - its been great.

Now then, who will be next? Decisions decisions. You can check out all my previous choices over at My Music page - just click here. :)

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