Sunday, 22 February 2015

Thinking of a new laptop - which to buy??

This laptop I am using right now is driving me insane. Its 3 1/2 years old, and whilst I had the 'Whatever Happens' insurance, it went back countless times for different problems.

Now though, I think its finally at the point where its beyond salvage. Right now, its working and when it works it actually pretty good. The problem is that it doesn't often actually work!!

It overheats, freezes on some screens, keeps coming up with "Aw Snap" messages and then the whole thing becomes non-responsive. I think the main problem is the motherboard, but its not only that.

Costing up how much repairing this will end up costing, I've come to the conclusion its not worth it.

So its a new laptop for me. This one is costing me too much in down time anyway when I can't get on ebay, can't enter comps and have to sit waiting for it to start working again!

So what should I choose? This one is an Acer Aspire. The power supply has been really dodgy on this since I had it though, so am reluctant to get another Acer. So that seems to leave Toshiba and HP in the main, along with Asus.

Currently I have 8GB RAM and 500GB memory so its pretty fast, or should be. I don't want any less than that. Plus I like a number pad too. So off to see what I can get for my £'s in a bit.

What would you recommend?

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