Sunday, 22 February 2015

Very Busy Day - feeling good :)

Wow, what a busy day. I mean like serious multi-tasking taking place!!

Ok, so to begin with, we were up pretty early this morning. We had family over as it was the other half's dad's birthday. 85 years old!! So we all went for a meal last night. It was lovely.

This morning, it was up and faced with a mountain of dishes, despite going for tea. So I washed them all. Then it was time for a quick shower and get dressed.

We had two of his 3 grown up boys over, with child and dog in tow, plus his step daughter G, who is 9. A house full basically.

So next on the task list was sorting everyone out with drinks and breakfast. Then of course, a load more dishes.

I put a white wash in the washing machine, and wiped the sides down. Then I checked my emails and realised the laptop was on its last legs. So I ran every system check I could think of and still nothing.

I resigned myself to having to go and get another one, so researched which to get. Then once everyone was showered and dressed we started to put the house straight again.

2 bed settees folded back away, and 2 sets of spare bedding. Sheets in the wash, bedding put back away/ Another job done. Then it was time for them to go.

Cue gathering together lots of baby toys - coloured bricks, toys - you name it. Then it was loading up the cars. They had come in 2 cars, so 2 lots to load up. Plus putting away our baby cot bed back into the garage.

They headed off and we headed too. First stop - Tesco for the shopping. Lots of healthy stuff and onto the petrol station to fill up with my 5p off per litre, and also to check my tyre pressure as the light had come on. In the pouring rain - yes, it had to rain on me!!

From there to Currys PC World to sort the laptop. That done, pounds out of pocket it was back home.

Then I went out to the garage to gather up the ebay items that have sold. This required climbing into the loft and going through suitcases to find said items. It was so cold but it had to be done.

Next it was time to set up the new laptop. I downloaded office, put on antivirus and ran the system set up stuff. Up and running, it was time to back up the old one. 84,000 photo's backed up onto the external hard-drive. Good job done.

I decided the old one would be a kind of second back up - it would be useful to have the photo's backed up twice - one on the laptop and the other on the hard-drive. Doubly safe, hopefully!!

So then it was time to wrap all the ebay items. That took me forever, but it felt good that they were all done. Then came another expense - taxing my car. I didn't know you could pay monthly direct debit now - that's useful. I mean who has that sort of money to spare every 6-12 months? Much easier to pay by DD, so that was that sorted too.

Then we hung out the washing, put some stuff on radiators, before loading up again. Then repeat for the coloured wash. Its been that sort of a day.

Last on the list was to finish G's school model. This month the project was "space". So the other half has helped her this time. I said it was his turn after my epic longboat last time. I just had to do the background for it - cardboard box, black crepe paper, stars etc.. Its not bad you know.

Finally I packed up my gym bag for tomorrow and sorted my tea. Being on the 3 day diet, this consisted of turkey rashers, beetroot and green beans. Mmmmm.

Now, finally, everything is done. Still things I want to get done, but enough is enough for one day. I'm exhausted!!

So now to relax, its a bit of blogging and comping. Happy days: )

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