Thursday, 19 February 2015

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Eastenders Live Episodes. Who killed Lucy? Well it appears to be Jane!! OMG! Also Dean being evil again but gets his comeuppance. Kathy is back from the dead! Ben and Jay being all shift. Dot carted away by the bill. Nasty Nick actually dead and Kim in labour in the Queen Vic loo!! Flippin eck!! 
  • Fortitude. Still baffled why Christopher Eccleston was killed off so early, but this is still a great show. Lots of adultery, murder, shady characters. All set against ice and snow and a barren wilderness with lots of Polar Bears. Fascinating and intense program. Enjoying it so far, but no idea where its going as yet. 
  • Roadhouse. My other half adores this film. He finally got me to agree to watch it right from the start. He told me it was romantic. I don't see that so much, but actually, its a good film. Patrick Swayze is the star - he looks so cool and so fit and toned and healthy. Sad he is no longer with us seeing him like this. I absolutely love Sam Elliott and had no idea he was in this film. He's off two of my fav films - Thank you for Smoking and also Ghost Rider. Pretty impressed and surprised how good this is. 
  • Cold Feet. Watching Series 1 on box set. It is fabulous!! I have seen these before, but not for a long time. I also do not think I have watched this properly before, as it seems much more clever and witty and funny and emotional than I remember. Well worth a re-watch. 

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