Wednesday, 11 March 2015

150 Squats today - 85 done :)

Today on my 30 day squat challenge the target is 150 squats. I'm up to 85 so far, so that leaves 65 squats to go.

I'm starting to split them up now, as it doesn't half burn your thighs! This morning I did 55 of them, and have just completed another 30 taking me to 85.

In about half an hour I will do another 20, then roughly every half hour I will add a few more. Its so hard but I want a motivation for squats behind. I want to be toned.

I want to look fit and healthy, and that doesn't come easy. It has to be hard work or everyone would look amazing, and lets face it, we don't. Well, I don't anyway, so I need to work at it.

65 squats to go. Then it goes up tomorrow, up again Friday, then finally a rest day on a rest day if that makes sense. My flipping rest day keeps landing on a gym day, or worse still a PT day, which is not a rest!!

Bring on the rest day. Can't wait. :)

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