Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Be there this time next week :)

Getting very excited now. Very excited indeed!! Today, I checked in online because it is now just 7 days until we go on our holidays!!

I've never checked in online before. I was a bit worried what you had to do. As it turns out, its pretty straight forward. The computer automatically assigns you two seats together, you print your boarding passes and thats it, your done. Simples as they say.

So I have my boarding passes printed for there and back, with the same seat numbers for the return flight which I think is kind of cool actually. No fuss, no messing around asking for window seats - we have a window seat already!!

Last year, I paid to choose our seats, but when I looked at the seats already booked, there wasn't much to choose from as it seems more and more people are choosing them and paying. If I need the extra leg room, I probably would do, but its only a short haul, so it should be fine.

My other half has just been busy organising his duty free purchases, and has managed to get me a £5 off voucher to use which is fab as I always buy perfume. Always. Its like my airport ritual!!

This time next week, it will be our first night there. I'm so excited now!! Back on the 3 day diet tomorrow for the last effort, but nearly there now. Whoop! :)

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