Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 4 of My Week with The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

Day 4 of my week with The Killers and today its 'Smile Like You Mean It'.

'Smile Like You Mean It' was released as a single in 2004. It was taken from their debut album 'Hot Fuss' which was also released that year. It was the fourth single from the album.

This is such an amazing track. Its more melancholy than their earlier releases, and a more subdued pace, but its by far the most emotive. You can't hear this and feel nothing, it just seems to evoke something.

This song is full of synthesizer, drums and guitars and of course, Flower's vocals. In this he sounds earnest, and emotional, and just utterly draws you in. A true modern rock song this one, but not a ballad, not at all, its far more edgy and new, yet it does hark back to the sound of the 1980's and early 90's.

This video is The Killers doing a live performance. I couldn't find the official video anywhere authentic, but I can tell you about it. The video shows a house empty, then with people in it, with the band walking through it, seemingly remembering previous happy times. The people there don't seem to notice them. Its quite an emotional video, and it ends where the people from the past look into the camera, whilst the band fades away.

'Smile Like You Mean It' reached number 11 on the UK singles chart. The lyrics are really catchy, and thought provoking. 'someone is playing a game, in the house that I grew up in, and someone will drive her around, down the same streets that I did'. It makes me think of someone who has died, or a first love. Its really emotional, but its the music and his voice as well as the lyrics - its just so powerful.

I think this is The Killers at their best. If you can't wait for day 5 then you can check out My Music page here for loads more to keep you going. Happy listening :)

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