Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Day 5 of My Week with Paloma Faith - Never Tear Us Apart

Day 5 of my week with Paloma Faith and today its 'Never Tear Us Apart'.

Paloma covered this classic INXS hit in 2012 for a John Lewis ad. She then released her version as a single the same year. I loved the original, and I often don't like cover versions, but dare I say it, this version is actually even better than the original!

It was included on her repackaged album 'Fall From Grace'. Her voice sounds nothing short of spectacular on this. Deep, powerful and resonant, its like the song was written with her in mind.

Paloma Faith has one of the strongest voices out there. Not a diva like Whitney or Mariah - she has a different timbre, a different range and style. She just hits those notes with such power, such emotion, but she makes it seem effortless.

The video sees her wearing a floaty white shirt and a fitted PVC skirt with a fishtail bottom. She has her hair in curlers in her usual inimitable style, so vintage, with her trademark red lipstick. She is on stage with her orchestra - yes, an orchestra behind her, along with her backing singers. The spot light is solely on her. She seems to be singing to a man who is rushing to be at the show. She looks and sounds fabulous.

This song reached number 16 in the UK singles chart. Another hit for Paloma and recognition of how good this version is. I still love the original, but I also love this version.

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