Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day 6 of My Week with Paloma Faith - Just Be

Day 6 of my week with Paloma Faith and today its 'Just Be'.

'Just Be' is a single from Paloma's second album Fall To Grace released in 2012. It was released as the fourth single late in 2012.

This is a slow paced number, very piano based with her vocals sounding so perfect, so strong, so emotive. Its all about love and lovers, and it is utterly beautiful.

Paloma herself has said that its supposed to be a kind of true to life love song. She said "he gets on my nerves, but I love him". I find that so refreshing and honest as real love isn't all hearts and flowers - you can really get annoyed by your partner but still be in love!!

The video sees Paloma looking so vintage old school glamorous. Its shot largely in black and white and she looks and sounds beautiful. In one shot she is naked but tastefully shot as she sings. She is also seen getting hot and heavy with her man. This is one sexy video, but its not graphic or overly revealing. Paloma has class and style.

This song is like an antidote to the more overproduced noisy records out there. Her voice is just allowed to be free with little accompaniment. Its stripped back and all the better for it.

Madly it only reached number 66 in the charts, but it was only released on digital download, and even that after three previous singles and the album had already been released.

Don't let that distract from how gorgeous and wonderful this song is. This is by far better than that position dictates. I would go as far as to say its one of my favourite songs ever. Go take a listen.

You can check out Days 1 -5 and loads more music over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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