Friday, 20 March 2015

Disaster strikes - no heating :(

 I've been to work, then the gym for PT and then home. Disaster has struck though. My other half greeted me with the news that the boiler has konked (actual technical term there).

As of yet, its unclear if its terminal or a minor op, but either way, its not good news. Certainly not good news, not under any circumstances, and specifically not the circumstances when the next day is my birthday!!

Specifically not the circumstances when I'm going on holiday in 3 days! I'm stressing my head off right now. Our heating engineer can't come out until tomorrow, so its an anxious night for us all, waiting to see if the news is going to be bad, very bad, or terrible awfully bad.

On such a night as this, you might forgive me for indulging in a glass (bottle) of wine, but I shall attempt not to give into temptation. It won't fix my boiler, but it might make me look like one!!

Please don't be terminal boiler. Please!!

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