Friday, 13 March 2015

My New Single of the Week - Soak - Sea Creatures

My new single of the week is the beautiful 'Sea Creatures' by Soak. 

Soak is actually an 18 year old young woman from Northern Ireland. Her real name is Bridie Monds-Watson and she comes from Derry. 

I heard this played on Radio 1 and it instantly captivated me. She has this haunting voice, so innocent and gorgeous. I first thought it was Chvrches then quickly realised it wasn't but she has a similar sounding voice. 

The song is mainly just backed by piano, and its very bare - just her voice and the lyrics in a lovely melody, thats really catchy. Its hard to pin down into a category - a bit pop, a bit folk, very soulful in a teenage "life is scary" kind of way. 

The video actually shocked me. Firstly as I didn't envisage how she looks - she is very young indeed, very short hair, very innocent looking. Then the video itself shocked me. She's there, chilling out, skateboarding but it ends in tragedy. Clearly a darker song than it sounds. 

Soak has her debut album scheduled for later this year. The album is to be titled 'Before We Forgot How to Dream". The single 'Sea Creatures' was released in Jan 2015, but I've only recently heard it, so I think its a bit of a slow burner. 

This is a song that's all about being adolescent and living lifes ups and downs for the first time. She seems to write as if this is all such an uncertain existence, which it is when you are young. Its refreshing to hear such honesty. 

Dark core or not, this is a beautiful, well written, well produced and well sung song. Absolutely love it. You must take a listen. Let me know what you think. 

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(video published on youtube by SOAKVEVO)

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