Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Not happy - The Walking Dead has disappeared!!

I started to watch Season 1 of The Walking Dead just last week. I got really into it, and was on episode 5. I watched another episode just last night.

Tonight, I was going to watch another one but to my dismay, the damn thing has gone. Disappeared, poof, gone. I don't understand why on the 3rd of the month it would just go?

It wouldn't be so bad if seasons 2,3 and also 4 hadn't also gone. All that is left is Season 5, which I am guessing would leave to much ground uncovered between my point in the proceedings.

I am absolutely gutted. I really wanted to watch it - its absolutely brilliant. Is there anywhere else I can find the series to watch or download? I don't want to buy the DVDs as I already have loads I need to sell or get rid of - I just don't use them anymore.

I want to watch The Walking Dead!! Its not fair :(

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