Saturday, 7 March 2015

Saturday afternoon - busy busy busy

Its Saturday afternoon and I have had a very productive day. So far, I have hoovered and cleaned the house, been to the spa near my home for a facial and a hot stones massage and done my big food shop online.

As well as that, I have cleaned the windows, and dusted, and have checked all my emails. I have started my holiday packing list, and have got my sketch pad out ready to start designing the tattoo I want before I'm 40.

I have also done 90 of my 130 squats for today, as part of my 30 days squat challenge. I have weighed myself - more on that later. I have also made myself a healthy turkey rasher sandwich for lunch.

Tomorrow we are off to the shops to try and get a christening outfit sorted. Not looking forward to that if I'm honest as not as slim as I wanted to be, but its only 2 weeks away, so it has to be done.

So there we have it. Productive day!

What are you doing today?

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