Friday, 10 April 2015

My new single of the week is Trouble - Iggy Azalea featuring Jennifer Hudson

My new single of the week is the brilliant 'Trouble' by Iggy Azalea featuring Jennifer Hudson.

Officially to be released on 12th April but already getting around, this is such an unusual song. Its taken from her reissued debut album 'The New Classic'.

I have heard some of Iggy's previous stuff, and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this as its a different style for her. Her rap style is more melodic, and the soulful vocals from Hudson really take this modern song back to the 60's/70's era but with a twist.

Its edgy, sassy and something kind of wonderful really. I would never have put these two together but it works. Sometimes there is just chemistry and it gels and thats clearly the case here.

Hudson's part is the catchy bit, as Azalea's rapping is so fast it takes a few listens to catch what she's saying, let alone learn it! I have tried mind you, but I'm no Iggy!

The video is pure brilliance and sheer entertainment. Azalea unwittingly gets involved with a wrong un, and doesn't realise when he says he's going to get some money that he is in fact about to rob the bank!! He gets caught and she goes to visit him inside. She hatches a plot to get him out, and does so by blasting a hole in his cell wall and breaking him out.

They speed through the LA streets in a red car before crashing and he is caught and carted off again. Hudson is the sexy cop who sees the break out on CCTV before giving chase. As the car crashes she and Azalea dance together before Hudson turns cop again and marches her off. Its a great video apparently directed by Iggy herself.

This is a piano based song, very retro in style but with Iggy's rapping style vocals making it modern. I love this song!! Go take a listen and let me know what you think.

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(video published on youtube by iggyazaleamusicVEVO )

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