Friday, 10 April 2015

My Week with The Killers is over

My week with The Killers is over. Its been 7 days (actually a bit longer on account of the holiday in the middle) but 7 days and 7 songs.

I've reminded myself how great their old stuff is, and have also realised that I actually think their new stuff is great too, so its rekindled my love of this band.

All that remains to be done now is to decide which of my 7 songs is at number 1 so here are my 7 choices in order of my preference:

Number 1: Mr Brightside
Number 2: Smile Like You Mean It
Number 3: Runaways
Number 4: Human
Number 5: Read my Mind
Number 6: Somebody Told Me
Number 7: Spaceman

So there we have it - in at number 1 is the fabulous Mr Brightside. My week with The Killers is now all over.

Now to decide who is next? If you can't wait, you can see all my previous choices here.

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