Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 1 of My Week with The Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

Day 1 of my week with The Kaiser Chiefs and to kick us off its the classic 'I Predict A Riot'.

'I Predict A Riot' was the second single from their debut album 'Employment'. It was released in 2004, but was then re-released in 2005. It reached number 9 in the UK singles chart on its second outing.

This song is full of energy and is very rock come indie. Ricky Wilson sounds effortlessly cool on this as he builds up to the crescendo as the song goes up in key towards the end.

I love the anthemic feel of this track and how it so strongly references their Northern roots. The lyrics are brilliant "watching the people get lairy, its not very pretty I tell thee". Then "girls scrabble round with no clothes on, to borrow a pound for a condom, if it wasn't for chip fat they'd be frozen". I mean does it get any classier than that? Fabulous!

The accompanying video sees the band looking very young, and very different to how they look nowadays, particularly Ricky!! It shows them on stage in what appears to be some sort of underground gig. They are rocking it, and the crowd are going mad for it. You see them all going into the club with pillows, and as Ricky sings the line 'I predict a riot'  an epic scale pillow fight breaks out with feathers everywhere. Pretty cool really!!

So there we have it - Day 1. Classic song. If you can't wait for Day 2 then go and check out My Music page here where you will find all my previous choices and singles of the week! Happy listening :)

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