Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day Two of My Week with The Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home

Day two of my week with The Kaiser Chiefs and today its 'Coming Home'.

I heard this song for the first time driving home back in 2014. Initially, I wasn't sure about it. Then I heard it played again and it had me hooked.

It was the lead single from their 2014 album, Education, Education, Education and War which is also their fifth album no less. It reached number 31 in the UK singles chart.

Back to the song. It kicks in with a sort of eighties musical vibe, but then Ricky Wilson kicks in with his stunning and distinctive voice. This is an anthem. It's much more rock than some of their previous releases, but its still got their indie vibe. The notes Ricky hits here are immensely satisfying, and this is a real sing along - you will find yourself singing "i'm coming home" along with him. Its packed with guitars and drums and its powerful.

The video is brilliant too. Ricky, looking bashed about, grins as he runs towards you. He is on a path, in what is clearly the British countryside walking along, sometimes giving some moves, sometimes a little skip, but walking onwards singing that he is going to write it all down and that he is coming home.

He passes an assortment of folks, has a cup of tea, finally ending up sitting in deck chairs at the end of his walk. Presumably the others are the rest of the band - 5 of them in total. The song plays out with them sitting down. Its got a bit of a comic feel to it, and doesn't half remind of the video to U2's the Sweetest Thing.

So more about the Kaisers - Ricky on lead vocals, as I have said. Then we have Andrew White on guitar, bassist Simon Rix, Nick Baines on keyboard and Vijay Mistry, their new drummer.

This is an absolute must listen. Its a keeper. Kaisers back to their best here. Go and have a listen and let me know what you think.  I love this and there we have it - Day 2 done.

If you want more of My Music including previous singles of the week, or for reviews of other artists in "my week with" series, check out my page here. Happy listening :)

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