Monday, 22 June 2015

2 days until Taylor!

It is now 2 days - 2 more sleeps until Taylor Swift. Is it actually wrong in my late 30's to be very excited indeed at bopping around to Swifty?

Probably! Do I care? Not a jot. Me, my partner and his ex will be the oldest folks there I'm betting. However, this fact will not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying myself!

Taylor's songs are catchy, there's no denying it. My particular favourites are We are never getting back together and Blank Space so I hope she does those. I know some of the words to those so I can embarrass the hell out of little G! Tee hee!

Seriously though, I am well excited. Yes she is skinny, yes she is young - 2 things with which I have nothing in common and by rights really should not be a fan. But I am.

There, I said it. I'm out as a Taylor Swift fan.

I have just one more thing to say.

Yay Swifty!!!!  :)

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