Monday, 15 June 2015

4 week plan

4 weeks to go and now its time to knuckle down. Usually I am making great progress by this point. I am making progress if you class gaining weight as progress!! Totally wrong direction!

So today I hit rock bottom and decided enough was enough. I have been and treated myself to some new gym tops, gym socks, shorts and a lovely pair of trainers (more on this later).

My will power has been sadly lacking - noticeable only by its absence of late. I am feeling very sad as the sudden realization has hit me that I am going to be wobbling onto that plane if I carry on like this.

I am not doing the 3 day diet again though - it works a treat during the 3 days, then you pile it all on, plus more, when you eat normally again. Oh and my god it makes you hungry.

So its sensible eating for the next 4 weeks coupled with lots and lots of exercise. This time its 4 weeks to go but this plan is for life. I pledge this now - I am turning over a new leaf. Life really is too short to keep yo-yoing like this so enough is enough.

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