Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 1 of My Week with Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Day 1 of my week with Goldfrapp and to begin its the wonderful 'Black Cherry'.

'Black Cherry' the single was released in 2004 and is taken from the album of the same name released in 2003.

The intro to this song is simply beautiful. Its starts off twinkly piano keys, then builds into an atmospheric electro-synth number full of beautiful strings as a backdrop to Alison Goldfrapps breathy sweeping soulful vocals.

This was the fourth single from the album, which itself reached number 19 in the UK album chart. The single reached number 28 which isn't bad for a fourth single.

'Black Cherry' is an instantly recognisable song, not least because it doesn't fit neatly into a particular genre in my opinion. Its indie and its dance, its electronic and synthetic, but beautifully orchestrated so its less Chemical Brothers and more Portishead, but actually like neither. It has glam rock, 70's and 80's in there, but also, when Alison reaches those high notes? I'm taken back in time to old school diva's like Ella Fitzgerald such is the soulful resonance in Alison's voice.

This is at once a slow paced, ultimate seduction, powerful and emotional song, whilst at the same time it has a pulse and a dance vibe. Goldfrapp just hit the right notes in every sense with this track.

I couldn't find an official 'official'  video anywhere to share, but the one I did find featured Alison in a big house, getting ready, coming down an elaborate staircase before performing the track on stage in a cool black jumpsuit, hat and killer heeled boots.

The vocals open with "How can it be? I can taste you now. How can I see when you're everything". She breathes her way through the song, sexily, seductively "Excite me, ignite me". The sexuality of this song just oozes out of every note.
Its the eccentricity of this track that makes it really stand out to me. Its not quite in time, or on beat piano notes, and the breathy, slowness of her vocals against the backdrop that shouldn't work but make the song what it is. Sheer brilliance.

So there we have it day 1 'Black Cherry'. If you have never heard this go and listen to it immediately. Its amazing. If you can't wait for day 2, then check out My Music page here to find loads more to keep you entertained. Happy listening :)

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