Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 2 of My Week with Goldfrapp - A & E

Day 2 of my week with Goldfrapp and today its 'A & E'.

'A & E' was released in 2008. It was taken from their 2008 album 'Seventh Tree'. It was the lead single. It peaked at number 10 in the UK singles chart.

Now this track can be best described as simply beautiful, albeit with a bit of a dark them lyrically. After all it is called 'A&E' as in Accident & Emergency at the hospital!

Apparently Alison wrote this about having an accident and ending up in A&E. The backless dress is reference to the hospital gowns. Whatever its about, it sounds beautiful and her vocals are so delicate yet soothing and kind of enticing. She hits such notes so wonderfully - her voice just soars above.

The video sees her dancing in the forest full of leaves. Suddenly the leaves come to life as men covered in them, as they dance around her. Alison herself is wearing a floaty white dress and looks ethereal in the setting. As evening arrives, she is joined by woodland animals in the forest. They dance until she falls down. The camera pans away from her and we see Will sitting by his tent having a brew. Its a very eccentric, quirky and beautiful video.

Right from the first line, this is an enchanting song, despite its slightly dark rationale. It begins with "its a blue, bright blue Saturday hey hey, and the pains started to slip away hey hey". Its this part that gets stuck in your head though "I was feeling lonely feeling blue, feeling like I needed you". I challenge you to listen to this song and not walk around singing that bit for hours on end.

This is a pop song, but its still electro synth and works because of that combined with Goldfrapp's sensationally exotic and powerful yet soft and gentle vocals. Beautiful song.

So there we are - Day 2 - 'A&E'. If you want to check out my Day 1 choice, or for more music to keep you going, you can find all my previous choices over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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