Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day Five of My Week with The Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat

Day 5 of my week with The Kaiser Chiefs and today its 'Never Miss a Beat'.

'Never miss a beat' was the first single from their third album 'Off with their heads'. The song and the album were released in 2008.

This single is quite up tempo and heavy on guitars and drums. Its a full on indie rock fest this track but it starts off quite subtly with the line "What did you learn today? I learnt nothing". It builds up as it continues with "It's cool to know nothing". But my favourite line by far is "what do you want for tea - I want crisps". How brilliant is that for a line in a song?

The video is a bit bonkers for this one!! Basically its the band in what appears to be a working man's club (very Northern) with noone in it apart from them. They are watching a really dated mounted TV of a news reporter (actually Ricky) reporting on the local kids who are running amok! They are chasing down joggers wearing animal masks, cloaks and weird hats! As I said - bonkers! Good though - I like interesting videos.

'Never miss a beat' reached number 5 in the UK singles chart. Here's a little known trivia for you- Lily Allen was on backing vocals for this one! Who knew?

So there we have it - Day 5 done. You can find days 1-4 and loads more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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