Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day six of My Week with The Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Day six of my week with The Kaiser Chiefs and today its 'Ruby'.

'Ruby' was released in 2007. It was the lead single from their second album Yours Truly Angry Mob released that same year. It became their very first number 1 in the UK singles chart.

This is a very catchy song, and is one of the first I think of when I think of all their hits. Its very indie but also very rock, very guitar, and the chorus is so memorable "Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby - oh oh oh oh oh ohh". Its truly stuck in my head right now having just listening to it!

Ricky has such a strong and unique voice, and its never better than on this track. Its bold and its actually a romantic love song! I never really listened to the lyrics to be honest, but now I have its obvious. "Let it never be said the romance is dead 'cause there's so little else occupying my head". He's clearly in love with Ruby, but its not clear if she feels the same "could it be could it be, that you're joking with me, and you don't really see you and me".

The video sees the band in a desert as a city starts to form around them. Its quite an interesting video, but I have to say I'm not sure what it really has to do with the song.

This is a brilliant song, and one of their better known ones. So there we have day 6 - 'Ruby'. You can find days 1 -5 over at My Music page along with loads more music - just click here. Happy listening :)

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