Sunday, 7 June 2015

Friday night, Saturday and all day Sunday and the garden is done (almost)

Good grief what a busy weekend!! Friday was supposed to be 2 hours in the garden. Turned out to be 4 and a half hours. Nowhere near done.

Saturday - trip to the tip and back and loaded up again, then tip again, and unbelievably filled the car again!! Its a 4x4 for heavens sake!

This morning, it was off to the tip again, for a third time and yet again we have filled the car. What with you may ask?

Well it started with weeding and grass cuttings. Then it developed into cutting back a conifer and a bush. Then we decided to remove the conifer altogether. Then we started to cut down a tree. Then another conifer. Next was the ferns - not what I want in a flower bed!!

Then its gotten more and more with levelling off a load of soil and getting rid of the surplus. Then digging out a load of moss that had run riot and an ivy that was threatening to choke the life out of the bush. Then it was pruning the laurel and the trees on the drive.

Dead plants, stones, dead tree branches. My arms are scratched to ribbons today and my calfs. It looks loads better though. My other half has mowed front and back and cut new edging to the lawn and its looking the business now.

We have a lamp post with no top on it at the bottom of the garden. We have cut the foliage back so now we just need to get our sparky out to wire it up.

We've bought some hanging baskets and those have gone up now. Not finished, not by a long chalk, but its looking so much better at the front.

Today was the back. Its much tidier than the front was as we have already spent a lot of time working on it, but even so there was work to be done. Cutting back dead foliage, and overgrown bushes that have gone a bit mad!

So the car is full again. Off to the tip again tomorrow or one day if I can finish early enough!! Be on first name terms soon if this keeps up!! :)

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