Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Blog is 2 years old!!

Saturday 15th June 2013. First blog post ever! I had no idea whatsoever what I was doing or what I would write about. I ended up posting something about Marilyn Monroe. Not a bad start!

Fast forward 2 years, and I have developed into a bit of a mix blog of lifestyle and music. I have My single of the week, the "My Week With " series where I pick a band and then spend a week with them i.e. 7 songs over 7 days.

Then there is my ongoing Battle with the Bulge - I am one of those that yo-yo's so I share my pain and progress. My travels is becoming more of a focus for me recently, and then there is my Crafty page.

I'm quite into my food, and currently engrossed in listing Top 10's which is great fun, as is my project to find out just how many films I've seen and also review the odd film over at My Films page.

My Body Gallery shows my progress, and then finally we my 2015 page for my wishlist and resolutions, and my Musn't Grumble page where I just vent!!

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