Monday, 22 June 2015

My Week with Goldfrapp begins

My week with Goldfrapp begins, so I shall choose 7 of their songs, one per day for 7 days - 1 week. But before all that, lets find out a bit more about this unusual, unique indie group.

The group is actually a duo consisting of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. The first thing that's surprised me is that her name is her genuine name - I thought it was a name made up to sound like a cool band name. It is a cool band name, but its her own.

Their music has such a soulful vibe to it - full of her husky sultry vocals and Will's synthesizer sounds. They have never deviated too far off course from their original sound which I find really interesting and appealing.

Alison started her music career by providing vocals for Tricky and Orbital. Will Gregory heard a track and they began to work together, thus becoming Goldfrapp. This London duo became such due to the immediate connection between them.

In 1999 they signed with a record label and went on to release their first album, 'Felt Mountain' in 2000. It was critically well received but only reached number 57 in the UK albums chart. It was heavy on the synthesizer and very deep in meaning, but set the scene for what was to follow.

Their second album 'Black Cherry' was released in 2003. This was the album that spawned the tracks 'Train', 'Strict Machine', 'Twist'  and 'Black Cherry'. This album was a more 70's inspired glam rock homage, but still similar in style to the first album thereby staying true. It reached number 19 in the UK albums chart and set Alison as a bit of a style icon.

2005 saw the release of their third album 'Supernature'. This was still electro synth and husky vocals, but definitely more of a move towards dance music. This was their biggest hit to date reaching number 2 on the UK album chart. It included the singles 'Number 1', 'Ooh La La' and 'Ride a White Horse' giving more than a passing reference to T-Rex in sound and name mention.

Album number 4 was released in 2008 'Seventh Tree'. This was kind of a subdued version of 'Supernature' with acoustic guitars adding to their distinct electronic sound. This album featured the singles 'A&E', and 'Caravan Girl'.

Their fifth album 'Head First' was released in 2010. This was back to being more dance oriented and included the singles 'Rocket', 'Alive'  and 'Believer'. This album peaked at number 6 in the UK album chart.

In 2012 Goldfrapp released a compilation album of their singles called 'The Singles' imaginatively. It also included 2 new tracks.

2013 saw their 6th album 'Tales of Us' released. This album peaked at number 4 in the UK album chart. It was well received being cited as a beautiful album and a return to their earlier softer sound.

Goldfrapp have won awards and accolades, but its the distinctive vocals and synthesizer sound that really appeals to me, not their acclaim.  I'm looking forward to choosing my 7 songs from this great British duo.

First song coming tomorrow. If you can't wait then you can find loads more music to keep you going over at My Music page here. :)

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